Market Statistics

Get the latest prices and stats on all active Bitcoin markets

Market Charts

See the Bitcoin market trends in Charts based on the selected period

Network Statistics

The latest Bitcoin network statistics. Block data, current and estd. difficulty rates, total network hashing rate in TH/s and BTC/day.

Network Charts

See the network's hashing rate and mining difficulty in charts per selected period.

Mining Statistics

Get mining statistics on all your workers! Many pools are supported.

Active Workers

An overview of the active pools and their current speeds (as accurate as provided by mining pool API).

Mining Pool Statistics

See your statistics per mining pool

Worker Statistics

See your statistics per worker (at pools supporting this in their API)

Mining Profit Calculator

Calculate your mining profits in USD and BTC, automatically using your currently measured total mining speed, the current difficulty and current exchange rate

Market Charts

If preferred, calculate your profits with custom difficulty, hash rate and exchange rate.

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